Wrong Guy

Two men sat in two reception areas at BBC HQ

Guy Goma: An economics and business graduate from The Congo.
Guy Kewney: The editor from Newswireless.net

Both were waiting for an interview. Mr Goma, a job interview. Mr Kewney, a live television interview on BBC TV.

So when some one came in the WRONG reception room looking for "Guy" and wondering if he was "ready for his interview" you can't blame Mr Goma for not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Maybe the TV cameras should have tipped him off. But over all he was rather cool and collected about the situation and answered the questions quite well considering he knew nothing about the law suit they were interviewing him about!

Read the BBC story and watch the interview HERE

Tiny White Men

This reported in Norway's Aftenposten

A group of friends were partying on drugs when they saw a group of tiny, white men coming up out of the fjord. This terrified them so much they rang police to ask for protection, newspaper Bergensavisen reports.

Police responded to the call from a cabin in Fusa. They found no little white men, but rather three confused Bergen residents and a pile of drugs.

Police also found the three-year-old daughter of the woman present at the Fusa party, so child services was called and the cabin and the homes of two of the callers searched, Bergensavisen reports.

In total police found 23.7 kilos (52 lbs) of hashish, 314 grams of amphetamines and about 9,000 flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) tablets, altogether drugs with an estimated street value of NOK 840,000 - 1.4 million (USD 138,000 - 229,500).

Get the full story here


No Pants 2k6

The Mission: Get dozons of New Yorkers to board the subway sans pants.

The Result: Lots of shocked New Yorkers

and a few arrests. The charges were dropped.

Check out this mission and others at

Improve Everywhere!

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Top Ten Six Gadgety Web Sites

This is a little bit of everything

These cats are good about getting the inside scoop

Well every one knows Cnet. Good price comparisons.

All cell phones all the time.
The forums are great here, when they're active.
As the name implies only gsm cell phones.


Review: MI3

You can not deny Tom Cruise as a couple of screws loose. His couch jumping antics are out of control, his cradle robbing escapades despicable. iFilm.com even carved out an entire "Cruise Gone Wild" section of their web site dedicated to the lunatic.

Having said that I can not deny Mission: Impossible 3 ROCKS MY SOCKS.

If you can suspend your disbelief and not take it too seriously you will defiantly go back for a second ride. This is such an over the top type movie you NEED to see it on the big screen to really take it all in.

One review I read called it, "Pop Rocks for the eyes!"

Bathroom Overkill

Ok, this comes from the cesspool of civilization: South County, as in South of 55.

A little background:
In commercial bathrooms there is always these little white boxes on the walls, those contain aerosol cans that contain air freshener. They are time released to spray, maybe once every hour or maybe even half hour. Apparently the idea is they make a commode smell fresh and clean with out it actually having to be either.

Anyways I was in the mall, in the bathroom, in south county. Arguably on an individual basis not any place you would want to be and when you combine them the situation is especially heinous.

The Westfield janitor had gotten hold of these aforementioned aerosol cans and proceeded to BLANKET the ENTIRE bathroom in Orange fresh sent.

I tried to expedite my hand washing but it was to late, I was coughing and wheezing as I struggled for oxygen.

The janitor continued in his air extermination quest spreading orange love to all corners of the bathroom.

When I reached the out side I sucked in deep the oh sweet air. How wonderful it was. I recited a Hail Mary and said thanks that my life was spared.

You may wonder, as I did how the gentlemen with the spray can survived the smell-o-caust.
Well I read on the Internet that Mexicans can hold their breath for over an hour. That is how, the article said, they can all make it across the Rio Grande, entirely under water! But that's just what I read.

And the well meaning gentleman was, yes, Mexican.